The 10 Different types of Fencing

the 10 different types of fencing

What is a fence? What is the significance of a fence in a home? What are the different types of fencing? A fence is a structure that separates the house from the road or street. Houses with a front lawn or backyard install this structure for safety and aesthetic purposes. This is a typical style in a few countries when people build individual homes with a garden or play area. Though it might not be common in the busy metros, a considerable number of people consider this option with the right space and budget. They hold a rustic charm that uplifts the appeal of the entire house.

Timber Fencing is a common sight in Melbourne where people tend to add them to protect their flora and fauna. It also provides an outdoor play space for the children in the safety and comfort of their homes. There are different types of fencing that are widely used by construction companies and architects. The type for a particular house is determined based on different essential elements. The fence should be in harmony with the building and also be distinctive in its rights. Here are some of the standard types of fencing used by Fence contractors Frankston.

Metal Fences

metal fences

When we talk about metal, we are giving particular emphasis to steel. There are other metals like aluminum, iron, etc. which are utilized for this purpose. This structure is easy to install and is available in various patterns. This economical option has attracted customers to a great extent. However, fencing contractors do not recommend this type for coastal areas and other places that are exposed to water. The metal fences are available in different color variants.

Stone Fences

stone fences

The stone fences can be used to achieve a rustic look. The items are often associated with the yesteryears. It is crucial to finalize the right design to create an exquisite outlook. One of the primary advantages of the stone wall or fence is security and privacy. It builds a sense of safety for consumers. This could be a little expensive than the standard model. The fencing quotes Melbourne offered by companies can suggest the best option to meet your budget.

Wooden Fences

wooden fences

Yes, we are talking about the white picket fence and its counterpart timber fencing. This is an extensive segment and consumers do have an indefinite number of choices. People can choose from the type of wood to the pattern of the fence. Companies can help them to identify the ideal material to meet their demands. This is one of the popular types as it enhances the value of the house.

PVC Fences

pvc fences

We like in an era where plastic plays a vital role in our lives. It has conquered every segment right from bags, utensils, accessories, and furniture. Why not implement synthetic plastic in the fencing world? This element has the ability to provide the finish of the white picket fence without the maintenance. The drawback is the cost of the product, and it is susceptible to damage. It cannot withstand high pressure, and it would eventually crack under stress.

Modular Fences

Modular Fences

Modular has become the trend of the hour. Consumers are enthralled by the idea of implementing modular structures as a part of their homes. This style creates a fresh perspective and uses advanced technology to craft the timber fencing to perfection. They give adequate emphasis to aesthetics, utility and cost variants. It provides value for money solutions to consumers. Caution is taken in the concept to create every element with finesse and dedication. However, this could be a little over the budget for the average consumer.

Glass fences

Glass fences

Glass has had a certain allure ever since the days of fairy tales. Though this idea might not be feasible for outdoor fences, it is the best option for picturesque places. The glass would provide a sneak preview yet withhold the mystery of the area. There are various types of glasses that can be utilized to fit multiple purposes. However, care should be taken in the maintenance of the fence.

Wrought iron fencing

Wrought iron fencing

Have you ever been mesmerized by the exotic floral pattern in metal fences? Have you wondered if they would be ideal for your dream home? The wrought iron fencing style has captured the attention of the consumers for their decorative design and their sturdiness. There are various patterns available in the segment providing unique designs to the consumers. This style is expensive and requires periodic maintenance by fencing contractors Frankston.

Wire fences

wire fences

This type of fencing is quite popular in the area. The raw materials are available in most hardware stores and can be created in the comfort of the homes. This is typically used to separate farm animals and edible plants. It is primarily used for utility purposes and does not have any aesthetic value. The wire fences are utilized for indoor fencing rather than the outer wall. The fencing quote Melbourne would be much cheaper compared to the other types.

Bamboo belongs to a family of flowering plants. The stem of the plant is hollow and sturdy. It is utilized for the creation of various products. The bamboo fence has gained traction in the past few years. This timber fencing provides a stylish and robust outlook. Since the plants can naturally fight infections, it requires minimal maintenance. The fence has a longer shelf life compared to its counterparts.

Customized Fences

Customized Fence

As we discuss the various types of fencing, it is essential to remember that consumers are not obliged to select from the available options. Fencing contractors can be customized and developed a unique style to fit the client’s needs.

A consumer can follow a series of fail-proof strategies to identify their ideal fence type. The primary step would be the identification of a credible partner. They can understand the requirements and assist in making the right choice. It is essential to view this selection from a futuristic aspect.

Always consider all the factors like geography, climate, utility, etc. while discussing the need with the fencing contractors. Every fencing type requires specific maintenance, and it is vital to consider them. Customers can connect with the fencing experts for the necessary guidance and advice.