5 Ways to Extend the Life of a Timber Fence

Timber fence is a great solution by fencing contractors Frankston for homeowners looking to boost their home's seclusion. Timber fences are not only a beautiful addition to a homeowner's property, but they are also strong, very practical, and excellent for adding character. They provide sufficient protection from strong winds and create stunning thermal profiles for exposed yards and gardens.

Modern timber fencing is treated to be resistant to termites, bores, and fungus, requiring little maintenance on your part. Additionally, these treatments shield the fences against degradation over time after prolonged exposure to inclement weather. To ensure that they last for many years, like any property installation, it is crucial to maintain their health with the help of fencing contractors Frankston.

The Frankston-based timber fence specialists at "TC Fencing" advise utilising high-quality wood together with high-quality preservation oils and dyes to bring out the natural colour of the wood. To create a more dramatic impact, we also advise using high-quality paints, especially those blended with weather preservatives.

The quality of the wood and the weather your fence is exposed to have a significant impact on how long you should wait before staining and resealing it. When the water no longer beads up on the fence but instead soaks entirely in, we advise resealing your timber. However, it is recommended to reseal your timber fence every two years with free quotes for fencing if you must make a schedule for doing so.

How to Increase Your Timber Fence's Lifespan-

  • Regularly do general cleaning:

Cleaning your wooden fence properly is the first step to keeping it in good condition. If you see any green or black mould on its surface, you may power wash it as well as wipe it with a clean towel.

Give your fence plenty of time to dry after washing. Ideally, you should wait 36 to 48 hours before repainting or refinishing it. You can also get help from fencing contractors Frankston.

  • Try to fix minor damage:

Although timber fences are sturdy, after a few years they will begin to show signs of wear and strain. Always possible are splitting, rotting, and other issues. Consider doing such simple repairs in order to prolong its lifespan.

We'll be pleased to help you with those repairs and make sure your timber fence is mended perfectly with the help of our committed timber fencing professionals serving Frankston and providing free quotes for fencing.

  • Trim Its Rear Shrubs & Other Plants:

Remove overgrown back bushes and plants to keep them away from your timber fence. These plants retain moisture, and when they come into persistent contact with your fences, they may result in obvious damage.

Additionally, by cutting back those overgrown shrubs and plants, you offer a clear view of your fence, a crucial component of your property.

  • Maintain Your Timber Fence Above Ground to Avoid Termite Problems:

Termites are a widespread concern in Australia. And, if unregulated, they may eat away at these barriers, reducing their strength and stability. To avoid this, maintain your fence a few inches above ground to deter bothersome termites from infiltrating it and damaging it from within.

  • Stain Your Wood Fence:

If you paint during the day, the paint will dry up soon and won't effectively penetrate the wood.

Staining has the advantage of giving your fences a fresh splash of colour and protecting them from the weather without affecting their original wood appearance. You may do this with a roller, a power sprayer, or even a brush. Additionally, heed the manufacturers and fencing contractors Frankston instructions on the quantity of coating s required and the interval between each coat.

Please tell us how we can help you:

These pointers need to assist retain your timber fence sturdy and stunning for a very long time. Call us at +61 433 501 890 to talk with one of our fencing contractors Frankston if you need help maintaining your timber fence, though.

We will provide you with a highly accurate estimate of your project's cost with free quotes for fencing while taking into account all of your specifications and utilising our fence cost estimator in Frankston.