Custom Gate Services

We know that freedom and safety come with choices: customised gates, double gates, swings, and the look of your fence. Choose the perfect custom gate style and design for your budget.

Custom gate services in the Frankston area

If your gate has seen better days, then it might be time to get a new one. Here at TC Fencing, one of the best fencing contractors Frankston, our friendly team is ready to help you pick the right gate for your property—including any external factors you may not have even considered!

From keeping your pets safe and secure to ensuring your children are safe, picking the right gate makes a big difference in how well it works and how comfortable you feel while using it.

We offer free quotes for fencing and custom gate installation, so don’t hesitate to book one today and see what a new gate can do for your home.


"TC Fencing is your one-stop shop for construction and fencing needs. "We are committed to professionalism and competitive pricing, ensuring that all projects are built with quality materials. "

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We do it in another style

If you are looking for a unique, durable, and long-lasting gate, we offer all kinds of gates that include standard, ornamental, wood, and iron. Whether it’s a single or double gate, they can be made to the exact width and height of your preference.

Have an outdoor living area that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing by choosing from our range of steel sliding, swinging, or swing-out gates.

Our gates are great for pets who want to be outside without being able to get in the pool or do damage around the yard.